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Product description

This product is made of non-genetically modified soybean through the selection, skin removal, degreasing, screening and grinding. Raw materials and varieties are fixed with the mature and advanced production process, ensuring the stable product quality.

Range of applications

It is widely used in pork luncheon meat, coated-powder and fried food.

Product index

Sensory index Physicochemical index Microbiological index
Color Milk white or pale yellow Protein (dry basis) ≥50% Total plate count ≤20000cfu/g
State Dry and loose powder Ash (dry basis) ≤7.0% Coli group ≤30MPN/100g
Odor Original smell with no peculiar odor Water ≤10% Pathogenic bacteria Not detected
Fineness (100-mesh passing rate) 95% Crude fat (dry basis) ≤1.0%  


20kg/bag, paper-plastic compound bag lined with kraft bag and PE food-grade bag in the most inner layer


Stored in a cool and ventilated place (temperature ≤ 23℃, relative humidity ≤60%) with the shelf life of 12 months


Transported via road, rail or container ship