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WDFPRO 980, 982 and 986

Product description

This product is made of non-genetically modified soybean with strong emulsibility, moderate gel property and better processing fluidity, etc. 980-type products has the brittle taste, 982-type product has the tender taste and 986-type product has the good flavor.

Range of applications

It is widely used in thousand-layer tofu, spiced bean curd and dried tofu, etc.

Product index

Sensory index Physicochemical index Microbiological index
Color Pale yellow Protein (dry basis) ≥80% Total plate count ≤20000cfu/g
State Powder Ash (dry basis) ≤6.0% Coli group ≤30MPN/100g
Odor Original smell with no peculiar odor Water ≤8.0% Pathogenic bacteria Not detected
Fineness (100-mesh passing rate) 95% pH (110 aqueous solution) 7.5-8.5  


20kg/bag, paper-plastic compound bag lined with kraft bag and PE food-grade bag in the most inner layer


Stored in a cool and ventilated place (temperature ≤ 23℃, relative humidity ≤60%) with the shelf life of 12 months


Transported via road, rail or container ship