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Non GM soybean oil(5L)

"Green Home" non-genetically modified soybean oil is natural with the original and non-genetically modified high-quality soybeans as raw materials, which is processed in strict accordance with the national standards [GB 1535-2003]. After the removal of impurities, skin and hilum of beans, only the purest halves of beans with the highest nutritional value are retained. The advanced equipment and scientific process are used to produce the truly natural, pure and healthier original and non-genetically modified soybean oil after 58 processes. "Green Home" non-genetically modified soybean oil is favored by the majority of customers with high quality, and has become the healthy oil in the high-end restaurants, enterprises and public institutions, individual business and individual consumers, which conforms to people’s pursuit of natural, ecological and healthy life, leading a new fashion of healthy lifestyle. At the same time, it cooperates with the pharmaceutical production, biological fermentation and food export enterprises, designated as the professional supplier of non-genetically modified soybean oil exported to the European Union, the United States and Japan.